• Presentation of tourist points with new sales outlets

    The restaurant owners who take part in the project believe that the offer of higher-quality products in the cabinets does not present just enrichment of the restaurant and tourism offer in the Škofja Loka region, but also presents an additional offer for their guests and those who want to buy something homemade from our places. At the same time, the participation of the restaurant owners in the Cabinet project represents additional promotion and support in the sale to the providers of the surrounding farms, who produce a wide variety of products with extensive knowledge and respect for rural activities. Direct marketing of real homemade products on the shelves of the restaurants and guesthouses included in the project represents added value to the guests’ experience, recognisability of the Škofja Loka region and, last but not least, the preservation of the entrepreneurial mindset and the quality of life in our places.

    Guesthouse pri županu

    The guesthouse with a longstanding tradition in the centre of Žiri invites you every day to visit it and spend some pleasant moments in their company and good food. You can also sit in a marvellous garden under chestnut trees, with a view of a children’s playground, under the covered terrace or stay overnight in nicely furnished rooms. The guesthouse is renowned for its Mayor’s cake, the recipe of which has been passed from generation to generation for more than one hundred years.

    Restaurant Pr Sedmic

    The beginnings of the restaurant date back to the period between World War I and World War II, but it had several different owners and operated under various names such as: Restaurant Under the Slope, Camp, At a Hairy Head… In 1990, it was bought by Lojze Kovič, who, with the support of his partner Tatjana, demolished the old and decrepit restaurant and built a new one in the same place. It was named Pr Sedmic (at seventh), which has its own message, and you will find out what it is when you visit the restaurant. The restaurant is renowned for its thematic cuisine, dishes of other nations, and it has also organized Oktoberfejst for more than 15 years for all lovers of beer, chicken and roasted ribs.

    Restaurant Na Vidmu

    The restaurant Na Vidmu is over 230 years old and it is renowned for its real homemade food. Its specialties are štruklji (rolled dumplings), tripe, Istrian stew and other broths, and recently the offer has also been upgraded with pizzas, among which the most popular pizzas are smoked trout pizza, 4 cheeses pizza and farmer’s pizza. They also use local ingredients in the preparation of these dishes. The specialty of this house is its cellar with a nicely arranged wine cellar where you can try various open wines.

    Visoko Manor

    In the country manor from the 17th century and in the embrace of surrounding hills and forests not far from the Poljanska Sora river, the time will stop for you as it once stopped for the famous Slovenian writer Ivan Tavčar. And he wrote love stories which are still happening today there. Young couples give life vows in the wedding room of the manor or in the greenery in front of it. Love blossoms here and creativity is born, which is also reflected in events taking place throughout the summer season. The offer of the manor is coloured with cultural experience within a tour of museum collections on the theme of Ivan Tavčar, the Kalan family and the Visoko cuisine. And at the same time, it invites you, as a nice starting point, to spend your free time actively.

    Restaurant pri Boštjanu

    The domestic restaurant Pri Boštjanu has been conquering its visitors with its authenticity for many years. In this restaurant, the preciousness of the old and the good is still present, and you can choose among the rich and imaginative offer of vegetarian dishes and a wide selection of dishes from the wood cooking stove. The cuisine specialties are delicious soups, such as for ex. garlic soup and the yellow chanterelle soup, dishes with fresh mushrooms, homemade žlikrofi filled with meat, cheese or dried fruit, homemade štruklji, and in winter time pork meat and sausages, cabbage, turnip…

    Guesthouse Pri Zalogarju

    Thirty years have passed since the door of the res- taurant in Dolenja vas in the middle of the magnificent Selška valley was opened. They want to be a friendly restaurant for both do- mestic and foreign guests, who can also sleep use 7 nicely furnished rooms to stay overnight. Their vision is to satisfy a guest who is looking for something more than just to satisfy their hunger, that is to enjoy food. When preparing dishes, they select fresh and premium food, and their culinary specialties are, for example drunk liver in wine and cognac sauce, deer in the country style, beef slices with roasted porcini mushrooms and marinated rice, mushroom strudel, and desserts also include nut semifreddo, chestnut panna cotta… They are also members of the Sommelier Society of Slovenia, therefore they pay special attention to wine.

    Guesthouse Tolc

    Guesthouse Tolc is located in the most beautiful Slovenian village Sorica, the birthplace of Ivan Grohar, one of the greatest painters. They cook for you ̋a bit different in the Sorica style ̋, based on the seasonal selection of ingredients of local suppliers and a large share of their own products. They also have four apartments and three rooms, furnished in rural style.